LAND plate / deep / eggshell

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This deep plate is brand new and has already become a clear favourite. It’s just perfect for everything.

Eggshell features uncontrollable speckles, which give every product its own unique look.

Please note: Photos are for guidance only as each item is unique

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Item no: LA14-03
Color: eggshell
Size: Ø: 17,8 cm
Material: stoneware
Design: Mette Duedahl

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All LAND products have been designed with peace and presence in mind. Inspired by everyday needs, Mette Duedahl has designed a series of simple, timeless and durable products that make clear references to the colours and surfaces found in nature. With their clean lines and understated aesthetics, LAND products are presented in the simplicity of what they really are; pieces of processed nature with user-friendly qualities that enable them to exist as favourite household items for many years to come.

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