My name is Mette and I was born in Jylland, Denmark in 1976
I originally trained as a photographer, but I felt an element was lacking in my urge to convey aesthetics in the way I wanted. At the same time photography became more and more digitized and I longed to concentrate on a craft. Therefore I signed up for Ceramic Design Studies at The Royal Danish Academy on Bornholm. Through the ceramics I realized the 3-dimensional work form is crucial to me because It enabled me to work with aesthetic on a functional level.
After graduating, I set up my own business, and I have earned a living as a full-time ceramist since 2014, which I am happy and grateful about.
The focal point of my ceramic work is to empower aesthetics and balance with a clear tribute to functionality. Always inspired by everyday needs I develop simple and timeless products with clear references to the colours and surface in nature.
Besides being a ceramist, I am the mother of three kids. I love walking and running in nature and taking photographs – particularly on overcast days when the colours, in my opinion, are most beautiful.
My workshop is located in Listed on Bornholm. Here I also have a shop selling both LAND and HANDMADE series.
If no opening hours are posted here on the website, you are always welcome to contact me to arrange a visit.