About Mette Duedahl

Danish ceramic designer based on Bornholm

Mette Duedahl is a Danish ceramic designer who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design on Bornholm in 2011. Mette Duedahl originally trained as a photographer, but felt an element was lacking for her to convey aesthetics in the way she wanted.


“My purpose is to empower aesthetics and balance with a clear tribute to functionality.”

It was first through ceramics that Mette Duedahl realised a 3-dimensional work form was crucial for her.
It enables her to work with the aesthetic that is so important to her, on a functional level. Indeed, this element is paramount to her work; the fact that it is not aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake, but a product’s functionality that comes into focus.


“Inspired by everyday needs, I develop simple, timeless and durable products with clear references to the colours and surface in nature.”

Function also played the central role in her final project from KADK School of Design. Inspired by her parents’ old stoneware service, and the need for a beautiful and functional coffee press, she created a ceramic coffee press, which is today known as PUSH. The coffee maker and the accompanying mugs were first selected to be part of Craft Collection 17 and later Muuto took on the task of putting it into mass production.

The focal point of Mette Duedahl’s work is her workshop. This is where she can develop new products and try them out in smaller scales before they are set into production and released into a larger market.

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